The Payments Market, a vision 6 years in the making

Welcome to and thank you for your support and successful launch that wouldn’t have been made possible without our Platinum Founding Member Partners. Please allow me to provide an introduction to the market and a brief background of a vision six years in the works.

In late 2004 we started with a single vision. “To provide open access to the latest news, research and trends, while providing a community where credible dialogue with subject matter experts open to sharing ideas on best practices, market innovation and alternative technologies could take place.”    

We came up empty when we looked at all of the resources available, so we decided to do it ourselves and started

Social media was in its infancy and many companies hadn’t quite embraced the idea of openly sharing ideas without going through the proper ‘review’ process and 'channels' for disseminating information. I guess we were ahead of the curve and knew we were breaking new ground.

Since we couldn’t find many companies that openly blogged yet or were comfortable with publishing anything other than press releases, we decided to stick with the news for a few years. Fast forward a bit when LinkedIn started growing and they added the ‘groups’ features. We quickly jumped at the chance to openly network with colleagues around the world with our Payments and Fraud Professionals group. But again, the format was still the same, discussion forums, with many of the same questions repeatedly asked. People still were not getting true access to the source of the information.   

The LinkedIn group grew so fast (see stats). I was amazed at how often I would attend a conference or meeting and people would tell me how much value they received from the group and the open dialogue. The success of the group was incredible, but so came many questions and personal requests; too many for my daily bandwidth. They were also more general in nature or requests on where they could find more information, ways to collaborate, expand into new regions or searching for partners and service providers. I tried again to bring the community together to share the ideas, but I didn’t want to take the same approach of what was already out there. So began the quest 18 months ago to find the platform to create our ‘next generation community and resource’ for industry professionals.

We had a vision before, now we had a mission; continue building on our initial objective and create a market community that supported the following:

  1. Open access 24 x 7 x 365 days a year, from any location around the world
  2. Preiodif live and on-demand events
  3. A great user experience
  4. Affordable for trade groups and companies of any size to participate
  5. No cost for visitors to join

Our global stakeholders include, but not limited

  1. Any individual or organization requiring secure transactions to facilitate their business
  2. Companies and service providers of all sizes
  3. Industry Trade Associations
  4. Thoughts leaders, independent consultants and industry coalitions
  5. Educational institutions

We believe we have the foundation to facilitate open collaboration and easily research industry solution.

Thank you again for your support, and stay tuned for many new enhancements, partners and programs launching in the coming weeks and months on PaymentsMarket, the first and only Virtual Market to search, learn and find SOLUTIONS.

Feedback is welcome and please let your colleagues about us. Registration is free OR contact us to become a partner member.

Jeremy Drzal

Founder, Chief Engagement Officer


Skype: jeremy.drzal

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