Accertify and SabreSonic Res Complete Platform Integration

CHICAGO, Feb. 10 (AllPayNews) -- Accertify, a leading provider of fraud prevention solutions to airlines and other online merchants, announced today that the company has completed an integration of its Interceptas® platform with SabreSonic® Web, which provides advanced customer management tools to help airlines market more efficiently, increase sales, and effectively manage every channel of distribution.

The integration is designed to facilitate quick and easy use of Interceptas by airlines without the need for implementing the advanced fraud-fighting platform with their internal systems. It allows for the submission of booking data to Interceptas directly from SabreSonic Web for screening and review.

Interceptas is the most comprehensive, flexible and integrated fraud prevention platform available. Accertify customers have experienced reductions in fraud of as much as 73 percent through Interceptas. An improved customer experience online and reductions in manual reviews of 50 percent to 80 percent have been reported with Interceptas.

"Fighting online fraud is a growing challenge for the global airline industry as online booking becomes the norm," said Andrew Lauter, Accertify's CTO. "As the leading supplier of fraud prevention technology to the airline industry, and with our roots in online travel, Accertify is dedicated to helping carriers significantly reduce fraud and fraud-related costs in the shortest possible time frame."

"This integration with SabreSonic is the latest example of how Accertify is making fraud prevention quick, simpler and more streamlined. SabreSonic customers can now reduce their fraud risk and enhance customer service by taking advantage of the latest fraud-fighting technology with the flick of a switch," Lauter said.

About Accertify®

Accertify Inc. is a leader in providing e-commerce companies with software, tools and strategies for preventing online fraud and mitigating enterprise-wide risks. Our Interceptas platform integrates every component of fraud prevention, applies state-of-the-art automation to each step in process and offers advanced capabilities for managing fraud data. Built with a merchant's perspective, Interceptas delivers unparalleled flexibility in preventing various types of criminal behavior, including fraud related to card-not-present purchases, online scams and policy abuse, merchandise returns and exchanges and other data management challenges. Accertify is committed to providing online companies with the most cost-effective solution to fraud available. For more information, visit

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