Acxiom Makes Identity Online Verification Easier, Faster and Safer

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Mar 08, 2010 (AllPayNews) -- Companies that need to identify and verify customers now have real-time access to the most comprehensive solution in the market with a single, cost-effective application programming interface, Acxiom Identity Data on Demand, announced today by Acxiom(R) Corporation.

Acxiom Identity Data on Demand provides as-needed access to Acxiom's identity data solutions to protect consumers and safeguard Internet transactions beyond reliance on user name and password. Companies can be more confident in executing business imperatives such as identity verification, authentication, fraud prevention and risk mitigation.

"Acxiom Identity Data on Demand enables our company to reach new customers, increase revenue and advance the Myriad business model," said Mike Whittington, president of Myriad Development, Inc., a provider of underwriting automation and intelligence solutions for the insurance, government and mortgage markets. Myriad Development is an Acxiom Identity Data on Demand client.

Through Acxiom Identity Data on Demand, users benefit from the breadth and sophistication of Acxiom's data assets and rules engines, in addition to Acxiom's verification and authentication services. Its unique advanced matching techniques assure that the information requested and returned applies to the individual that is the target of the request. Acxiom Identity Data on Demand reduces clients' work efforts and enables them to quickly identify and prevent fraud through the provision of higher quality data and timely contacts.

"Businesses are becoming more and more proactive in protecting their customers," said Tim Christin, senior vice president for Acxiom Identity Solutions. "We have created an unmatched solution to verify individuals' identities that not only fulfills companies' need for accurate intelligence but also provides a safer environment for their customers."

Using Acxiom's advanced technologies and trusted data, companies can compare their information to Acxiom's data to verify information such as names, addresses, property and more -- in real time -- while enabling adherence to relevant regulatory and consumer privacy obligations and best practices. Acxiom Identity Data on Demand can be integrated into an existing client interface and incorporated with other client solutions or used as a stand-alone tool.

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