Anchor Intelligence Launches Click Fraud Alerts

Enables Customers to React to Click Fraud Before Ad Budgets are Impacted

Mountain View, CA ( June 9, 2009 -- Anchor Intelligence, the leading provider of traffic quality solutions, today announced that it is launching the first-ever traffic quality alert capabilities as part of its ClearMark product suite. ClearMark Alerts provides automated email alerts to customers when the invalid rate for the network or any traffic source reaches an alarming level. These alerts help customers immediately respond to instances of click fraud or other types of invalid traffic across their network.

ClearMark Alerts are sent when traffic quality for a network and/or one of the referrers within that network degrades significantly. Each alert conveys a range of information including the name of the account or referrer in question, the non-billable rates and overall traffic volumes for the period of alarm, as well as the average non-billable and overall traffic volumes for the preceding week as a point of comparison. As a result, customers can quickly understand why the alert was sent and respond accordingly.

"Throughout discussions with potential and current Anchor customers, the need for an alert system to notify customers of major changes in traffic quality became very clear," said Ken Miller, CEO of Anchor Intelligence. "ClearMark Alerts, in combination with the real-time traffic scoring capabilities of the ClearMark system, gives ad network and search engine customers new means to fight click fraud before it impacts advertisers."

"With billions of ad impressions in Technorati's self-serve ad network, it is important to ensure that our advertisers receive the highest quality traffic," said Shani Higgins, VP and GM of Media at Technorati, an early adopter of the alerts system. "Anchor's ClearMark Alerts help us to immediately determine whether incoming traffic is valid or invalid so we can meet our advertisers' needs."

ClearMark Alerts is currently available to all new and existing Anchor Intelligence customers.