Cyveillance Enhances Anti-Phishing Service to Identify SMShing Attacks

Company Amplifies Protection to Combat Growth of Highly Sophisticated and Evolving Phishing Threats

Arlington, Va. ( June 17, 2008 -- Cyveillance, the world leader in cyber intelligence, today announced that it has added SMShing to the list of threats protected by the Cyveillance Anti-Phishing™ service. SMShing is a form of phishing that uses mobile phone text messages to lure victims into visiting fraudulent Web sites or downloading malicious content via phone or Web. The increase in SMShing attacks highlights the continued evolution and increased sophistication of phishing attacks as cyber criminals seek to become more targeted in their attacks.

"As financial institutions implement security policies to become compliant with the November 2008 federal 'Red Flag' mandate, they must anticipate attacks targeting their customers from many different sources," said David Frankil, President, National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) Services Corporation. "As the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner, Cyveillance is both assisting NAFCU members in becoming compliant with 'Red Flag' regulations, and keeping them one step ahead of the evolution of phishing attacks and other malicious online threats."

This enhanced SMShing protection is also available as part of the company's recently updated Cyveillance Intelligence Center (CIC), which monitors a comprehensive list of cyber attacks including traditional phishing, puddle phishing, spear phishing, vishing, pharming, instant messenger phishing and malware-based phishing. This latest update to the CIC provides for even faster detection of phishing attacks and greater transparency of the phishing site takedown process. The CIC leverages the most comprehensive Internet monitoring infrastructure and includes a broad suite of solutions to identify and address critical business threats.

"By using mobile phone text messages as a phishing distribution channel, cyber criminals seek to personalize attacks and lure victims to malicious Web sites," said Panos Anastassiadis, CEO and Chairman of Cyveillance. "As criminals explore these new outlets for distributing malicious content and stealing personal information, organizations need to aggressively monitor for these threats before they impact customer safety and confidence. Cyveillance works with financial institutions to provide the comprehensive intelligence and analysis necessary to address these risks in real-time."

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