EFC Systems, Inc. Introduces Two Remote Deposit Capture Innovations - RDC 30(TM) and RDC:Enterprise(TM)

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 20, 2006--EFC Systems, Inc. of Nashville, a leading developer of technology for the financial industry, announced today their two latest product introductions for remote deposit capture.

The company recently launched RDC 30(TM), which it tag lines "Remote Deposit Capture in 30 Days," a product suite that enables financial institutions to implement a full end-to-end bankbranded remote deposit capture solution in a timeframe of 30 business days from execution of agreements.

"We recognize that Check 21 and remote capture represents one of the most profound changes in the banking industry," said Larry De Palma, Executive Vice President of EFC Systems. "The way for banks to remain competitive in this industry is to implement and launch quickly, that's why we've created a very solid project and rollout plan that identifies the project's stakeholders and sets very aggressive deliverable due dates. The end result is a robust, feature-rich solution that is installed, running and ready to process all paper items through the ACH network or as Check 21 items."

De Palma also commented on the company's new product line, RDC:Enterprise(TM): "It is an enterprise-wide remote deposit capture product focused on corporate entities, especially those industries that accept a lot of paper checks in multiple locations or branches across the country. Those companies have to maintain many banking relationships and most likely incur a lot of courier charge expense, so the concept of imaging and transmitting at the point of presentment is a very attractive value proposition."

The company plans to focus marketing efforts on retailers, insurance companies and other multilocation service-related industries. "We are in discussion with many of the largest payment processors in the country, so it's entirely possible that a corporate client installing RDC:Enterprise may in fact be able to point the system to their current credit and debit card payment processor," De Palma stated.

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