Givex and Communitek Announce Successful Gift & Loyalty Kiosk Integration

TORONTO, April 25 /PRNewswire/ - Givex Corporation, a card management company specializing in stored value transaction processing, and Communitek Inc., a leading manufacturer of loyalty kiosks in the United Sates, today announce the successful integration of Givex's gift and loyalty programs into the CEK kiosk.

"The combination of an all purpose gift and loyalty kiosk is the first of its kind and an obvious progression for the loyalty and rewards market, which has been growing in all consumer markets over the past several years," states Les Hoffman, VP Channel Development, Givex. "This integration provides Givex customers a flexible, cost effective means of collecting and utilizing targeted information that can be used to strengthen consumer relationships and increase profit," Hoffman confirms.

"We are very excited to be working with Givex because of the natural fit for our products," says Jarret Calmenson, VP Operations, Communitek. "The result of this integration is a very powerful turn key marketing tool that can be leveraged by a wide range of verticals," Calmenson adds.

The Communitek wireless kiosk allows for customers to register on-site and actively participate in the wide variety of loyalty and rewards programs offered by Givex's clients. Consumers can also purchase and add value to gift cards at the kiosk. In addition to real-time transaction processing, Givex's support services, including 24/7 support, online reporting, program administration, card marketing, card production and more, are all available to users of the CEK kiosk system.

About Givex

Givex is a global provider of powerful card management technologies. Our focus is to deliver excellent customer acquisition and retention tools that optimize revenue for our partners. Our experience, reliability, and commitment to building long term partner relationships has helped establish Givex as an industry leader in North America and Europe. For more information please visit

About Communitek Inc.

Communitek is one of the leading manufacturers of loyalty kiosks in the United States for the retail and restaurant industry. Its Customer Enrollment Kiosk (CEK) is a powerful, wireless solution offering a full suite of customer loyalty features, including a magnetic card swipe, barcode reader and thermal coupon printer. Using the CEK, customers are able to seamlessly enroll in a variety of marketing programs including email marketing, direct mail, rewards programs, wireless CRM (text messaging), gift cards and more. Communitek offers a complete real-time reporting and analytics web interface for clients to track the performance of each CEK unit by location. For more information please visit

Source: Givex Corporation