Givex Corporation Expands to Australia

16 May 2008 ( (Sydney, Australia) - Givex Corporation, a leading global gift card and loyalty transaction processor, announced today its expansion to Australia.

"The entry of Givex into the Australian market provides local retailers and businesses with a world class option for their gift and loyalty programs, which up until now, have had limited choice in service providers. We have the benefit of being able to hit the ground running, leveraging our international experience, standing and ongoing system integrations, as well as the programs we are already operating. Over the next few months, the Australian market will see a far stronger Givex presence as we launch programs with partners who have seen the benefits and chosen to move to our solution," says Larry Samuels, Managing Director, Givex Australia.

"The Australian gift card market is actually quite mature, with most of the larger retailers having already implemented a program. These early adopters who reaped the rewards of being first to market now have the benefit of real experience and insight into the functional and system requirements for any gift card or loyalty program, and the financials that make them viable in the long-term. In reviewing the evolution of their programs and the options available in the market, we believe they will be pleasantly surprised by the width and breadth of the Givex offer," explains Samuels.

More than just a gift or loyalty card, Givex programs are turnkey and customised to meet specific merchant requirements in retail, hospitality, grocery, shopping centres and petroleum with the most comprehensive card-based solution in the marketplace today. Superior transaction processing power and reliability, 24/7/365 access to tracking, reporting and support, card marketing and fulfilment services and extensive network communication methods offer merchants the ability to operate their programs real-time across multiple devices, and all merchant sales channels.

Givex’s flexible approach to technology allows the merchant to use cards across all aspects of their business including: gift/stored value cards, e-gift certificates, frequency cards, loyalty points cards, returns cards, employee incentives, expense accounts, promotional cards and coupons. Additional features include online payment, balance enquiries, card protection and loyalty scheme enrolment.

About Givex Corporation

Givex uses pioneering, award-winning card management technology to help our partners in over 35 countries deliver customer acquisition and retention programs that improve profit performance. Our experience, reliability and commitment to excellence have established Givex as a global leader in closed loop transaction processing since 1999. For more information, visit