Givex Gift Card and Loyalty Programs are Certified for VeriFone's Vx Solutions

PREPAID CARD EXPO, LAS VEGAS, March 4 ( - Givex, a global provider of closed loop card technologies including gift, loyalty and other stored value programs, announces today the successful certification of Givex gift card and loyalty programs for VeriFone's Vx Solutions. Merchants using the Vx series of VeriFone payment systems are now able to process Givex gift card and loyalty transactions.
"This is great news for VeriFone Vx Solutions users!" said Amanda French, VP Sales and Marketing, Givex, "Givex's powerful gift card and loyalty programs can now be leveraged by these merchants, who will enjoy increased revenue, strengthened brand loyalty and many other benefits generated from these effective marketing tools."
In addition to processing real-time Givex gift card and loyalty transactions, merchants will benefit from a full range of support services, including 24/7 support, online reporting, program administration, card production and marketing, and more.

About Givex

Givex uses award winning card management systems to help our partners deliver customer acquisition and retention programs that improve profit performance. Our experience, reliability and commitment to excellence have established Givex as a leader in closed loop card processing in North America and Europe.

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