Givex Gift Card Programs Certified for CrossView's Solutions

TORONTO, July 29 (AllPayNews) - Givex, a global provider of closed loop card technologies including gift, loyalty and other stored value programs, announces today the successful certification of Givex gift card programs for CrossView's multi-channel retail solutions. Built on the IBM WebSphere platform, CrossView now enables merchants to sell and redeem Givex gift cards in multiple channels, including the web, call center and retail store.
"Our pre-built integration allows merchants to accept Givex gift cards as a form of payment in a much shorter time than the typical 6-8 weeks with another card provider," says Mark Fodor, Crossview's CEO. "This new partnership will help our clients centralize their payment processing in a multi-channel environment."
In addition to CrossView's centralization of channel data and processing, clients will also enjoy the benefits of Givex's uninterrupted, real-time card transaction processing, 24/7/365 support and dynamic currency conversion.
"We are very excited to add CrossView as a new integration partner," says Karen Budahazy, Givex's Executive Vice President. "Our multi-channel approach combines to provide Merchants with greater capabilities and flexibility for retaining and acquiring new customers."
In addition to gift cards, Givex also provides other solutions for all aspects of a merchant's business including: loyalty cards, e-gift certificates, frequency cards, returns cards, employee incentives, expense accounts, promotional cards and coupons.

About Givex

Givex uses pioneering, award-winning card management technology to help our partners in over 35 countries deliver customer acquisition and retention programs that improve profit performance. Our experience, reliability and commitment to excellence have established Givex as a global leader in closed loop transaction processing since 1999. For more information, visit

About CrossView, Inc.

CrossView, Inc., empowers merchants to deliver an integrated consumer experience and optimize transactions for all customer touch-points. Leveraging IBM's WebSphere Commerce backbone and its Retail Integration Framework, CrossView's innovative approach eliminates the traditional informational and functional silos that typically exist between a merchant's storefront, call center and website. This integrated solution creates greater operational efficiencies and a greatly improved customer experience. Based in Santa Clara, CA, CrossView is a privately-held company.