ID Control: Bringing Back the Trust to Online Payments and Banking

AMSTERDAM, February 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Forrester Research (1) estimated by research that in 2005 2.5% of the e-banking users in England have quit e-banking and 6 million internet users decided not to use e-banking as a direct result of security fears and privacy with online payments and banking. ID Control, in alliance with Softforum, delivers advanced solutions for online protection, identifying and verifying digital user identities together with access management and two-factor authentication.

Hans Kortekaas, CEO of ID Control, indicates that, "The enormous increase of internet fraud and identity theft related news, in relation to the desire of internet users for more security, forces European companies and banks to make internet services and credit card payments more secure."

In America banks must adopt to at least two-factor authentication, in order to move beyond basic password access to accounts, for their internet banking by the end of 2006. ID Control and Softforum entered into an exclusive alliance in order to make online credit card transactions, payments and extranet access more secure with identity and access management.

By implementing XecurePay software (certified by VISA, JCB and MasterCard) online credit card transactions will be provided with enhanced security features to safeguard the identity of users and secure the transaction. Extranet Access Management, which means central authentication, authorisation, and identity management which are needed for online applications in order to securely and privately exchange data and make transactions, costs a lot of effort and money. This is the result of the high number and different types of users (f.e. suppliers, customers, partners, staff) and the heterogeneous applications, operating systems, web servers, application servers, operating systems, and application development environments. In order to easily and securely manage this extranet access, authentication, and authorisation ID Control offers the solution SafeIdentity, which can be integrated with f.e. SAP and Oracle. XecurePKI software enables organisations that want to move forward and take the next step in the security evolution. This proven and world wide recognised PKI system delivers secure access, identification, authorisation and digital signing for e-government, e-finance, e-healthcare and e-business applications. The integration of XecurePKI with ID Control's USB tokens for two-factor authentication (ID/Password/Token/Certificate) diminishes the risks and threats related to identity and access management within the virtual word.

For more information ID Control would like to invite you to visit their booth on the CeBIT (B11/1 in the Banking and Finance market in Hall 17) in Hannover, Germany from 9 to 15 March. For free tickets you can register at:

Softforum Co. Ltd.,, based in South Korea and founded in 1995 is a security software company specialised in developing advanced, user-friendly and reliable authentication, authorisation and access management for e-business, e-government, e-banking solutions and (credit card) transactions as well as other business applications. Softforum has more than 450 customers world wide (f.e. Deutsche Bank and HSBC in Europe).

ID Control B.V.,, based in The Netherlands, will expand the distribution, sales and marketing channel and liaisons for Softforum in Europe. ID Control is specialised in Identity and Access Management which means online identification, (two-factor) authentication, authorisation and access control.

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