InComm Gets Serious

InComm will leverage Serious interactive card products across the industry's largest retail distribution network

ATLANTA, Nov. 14 ( -- InComm and Serious USA have signed an alliance naming InComm as the exclusive provider of Serious products and technology throughout InComm's retail distribution network of more than 145,000 retail locations.

The agreement allows InComm to use Serious products and technology to add content value to many products such as gift cards, music, game cards and more. Serious' patented products are interactive cards, namely CD-Cardz(TM) and DVD- Cardz(TM) that allow InComm's partners to take their product offerings to new digital levels, providing customers with added value as well as unique entertainment experiences.

The cards are shaped and sized like traditional gift cards, and can be redeemed as such, but the underside of the card is actually an interactive CD or DVD that allows customers to enjoy customized digital content including video, music and other interactive experiences. The content may inform customers about the product or merchant or deliver branded, interactive tools including screen savers, wallpapers, games and e-mail postcards. The technology can be used to provide customers with discounts or other special offers, direct customers to websites or allow customers to register with the retailer for special promotions, a great way to build and maintain relationships with customers.

"The real winner in this agreement is the consumer," said Brooks Smith, President and CEO of InComm. "InComm is always looking for ways to provide consumers with better products, and our partnership with Serious allows us to take products that are already very popular with consumers and make them even better."

Serious has produced powerful content-packed interactive products for not only the world's finest sports brands including the NFL, NBA and Manchester United, but also top film houses like New Line Cinema, MGM, Sony Pictures, Disney and 20th Century Fox, as well as major retailers. Serious' ability to acquire and develop outstanding content is now extended to Incomm's partners through this relationship.

"Partnering with InComm means our products will be represented in the top retailers in the country," said David-Joseph Brown, Serious President and CEO. "No one knows gift cards like InComm, and we are delighted to partner with them to bring our digital cards to the broader market. This agreement joins two industry and like-minded leaders who are dedicated to providing revolutionary new products to a growing customer base."

InComm's technology allows leading retailers in a number of categories to offer the most popular products in prepaid wireless, gift cards, downloadable music and ring tones, prepaid debit cards, long-distance and more. The alliance with Serious enhances and extends these existing product offerings, and adds a new and culturally relevant category to the InComm portfolio. InComm's retail distribution network includes:

- Three of the four largest grocery store chains
- The four largest big box retailers
- Seven of the top 10 drug store chains
- Ten of the top 15 convenience store chains
- The four largest electronics retailers
- The three largest office supply chains
- Three of the largest dollar store chains.

About InComm
InComm is an innovator in prepaid products and point-of-sale technology specializing in retail prepaid services, subscriber services and payment solutions that are changing the way consumers purchase. InComm provides the most robust product portfolio in the industry including wireless airtime, financial debit cards, gift cards, music downloads, ring tones, games, long- distance cards, online games, broadband, digital television as well as bill payment solutions. InComm partners with consumer brand leaders around the world to provide more than 145,000 retail locations the products and services their customers demand. Since 1992, InComm's patented technology has made the buying process easier for consumers while streamlining the selling process for product and retail partners. To learn more about InComm, visit or call 1.800.352.3084. InComm is headquartered in Atlanta with offices in Canada, Colorado, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom.

About Serious

Serious is an award-winning, privately held digital publisher and marketer with offices in New York, London and Singapore. Its portfolio of intellectual property includes over 100 optical card patents in 60 countries. Applications of its proprietary technology include interactive gift cards, loyalty cards, pharmaceutical patient education cards, direct mail programs and collectible digital trading cards. Serious' clients include Disney, BBC Worldwide, Best Buy, Vodafone, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Electronic Arts, Circuit City, five of the top 10 US pharmaceutical companies, Manchester United, Sony Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, ESPN and Campbell's. Serious was nominated for a recent Licensing Award in 2006 and was a finalist in the British Interactive Media Association Awards, 2005 and the prestigious Sports Industry Awards 2006 for Best Use of Digital Media. Official site:

(CD Cardz are Win/Mac compatible. Dual feature DVD Cardz include PC/Mac extras and play in a tray-loading computer's DVD drive. DVD content is also compatible with PS2, Xbox and standard DVD players).

Source: InComm