LogLogic and VMware collaborate on compliance

LogLogic and VMware collaborate on compliance

IT data management firm LogLogic recently announced a new collaborative initiative with virtualization firm VMware.

According to LogLogic, the company plans to help VMware customers achieve regulatory compliance faster than was previously possible, by working together with VMware to ensure necessary data is collected from companies' virtualized infrastructure.

LogLogic announced that it will offer VMware vShield and vCenter Server customers discounted - and, in some cases, free - products, including its MX-Virtual virtual appliance offering.

Guy Churchward, CEO of LogLogic, claimed that proper data collection is a necessary step that companies must take in order to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

"You can't be PCI compliant if you do not collect all relevant audit trails in your organization," Churchward said. "PCI DSS Requirement 10 is clear - track and monitor all access for daily review."

Churchward stated that LogLogic's products enabled log collection in virtual environments, using tools designed specifically for that purpose. "Our technology allows users to track what is happening in a virtualized environment, which is required to achieve PCI DSS compliance," he said.

Parag Patel, vice president for global strategic alliances at VMware, expressed confidence in the alliance between the two companies.

According to Patel, LogLogic has previously displayed a "strong commitment" to conducting log management work in virtual environments, in order to help customers achieve the required regulatory compliance.

"We will continue to work together to help ensure organizations meet compliance requirements and strengthen their security posture," Patel added.

In addition to its work with PCI DSS compliance, LogLogic has worked to provide IT data collection and reporting for a wide range of regulatory standards, including NERC, FISMA, ITIL, ISO 27002, HIPAA, COBIT and SOX.

Many companies with regulatory compliance requirements also utilize compliance management systems that enable proper reporting and workflow for a variety of regulatory regimes.

The current initiative is not the first in which LogLogic and VMware have worked together. According to LogLogic, the two companies have a long history of collaboration on a variety of projects.

Previous collaborative initiatives between the two companies include LogLogic's provision of virtualized environment compliance support for VMware's vCloud Director, cCenter Server, vSphere and vShield lines of products. Currently, LogLogic is working to integrate the monitoring capabilities of VMware vShield with LogLogic compliance technology, the company said.