nuBridges Releases Enhanced Data Tokenization Solution

ATLANTA - (AllPayNews) nuBridges announced today that it has released a new version of nuBridges Protect™ Token Manager, its Format Preserving Tokenization™ solution for data security. The new version augments encryption key management control, supports enterprise integration with LDAP and includes a number of enhancements that make data-centric information security initiatives even easier to implement and maintain.

nuBridges Protect Token Manager is part of nuBridges Protect, the industry’s first data security software solution to combine a new variation of tokenization—Format Preserving Tokenization—with strong encryption, centralized encryption key management and logging in one platform-agnostic software package. nuBridges Protect is designed for organizations that need to protect volumes of personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), as well as payment card numbers, from theft and accidental loss while reducing complexity and simplifying compliance management for data security standards and privacy laws.

“Our introduction of nuBridges Protect Token Manager last April was met with enthusiasm and excitement by data security professionals who recognize the role that protecting PII and PHI, as well as cardholder information, plays in reducing organizational risk,” said Gary Palgon, nuBridges vice president of Product Management. “We are fully engaged with this new, vital data protection technology and are committed to advancing it aggressively to simplify and lower the cost of data protection and compliance, and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.”

Technological advancements in nuBridges Protect Token Manager Release 1.3 include:

- Granular control over the encryption key lifecycle and consistency with the evolving OASIS® Key Management
- Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standards
- Pre-configured templates for even easier protection for international PII such as UK National Insurance Numbers and Canadian Social Insurance Numbers
- Enhanced surveillance of client, user and administrative activities
- LDAP integration support for ease of enterprise-wide, role-based administration and web-services governance

nuBridges Protect Token Manager 1.3 is available now from nuBridges and through authorized nuBridges partners.

About nuBridges

nuBridges provides technology solutions for extended enterprises that share sensitive data across applications, departments and organizations, and face complex security and compliance mandates. Its data encryption, data tokenization, key management, managed file transfer and EDI solutions help customers get information from point A to point B; do it safely; and prove compliance. Proven in production, nuBridges software and services scale across heterogeneous enterprise environments, including legacy systems, and offer unified visibility for improved analysis, decision support and administrative efficiency. nuBridges solutions and support have established a new standard of quality for the industry, and are trusted by the world’s most demanding organizations to exchange and protect billions of payment card transactions, personal data records and business-critical file transfers. More information is available at

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