OfficeMax at center of bank fraud?

From the Sentinel and Enterprise
By Aaron Wasserman

Investigations surrounding numerous local reports of bank account and debit card fraud may point toward the national office-supply chain OfficeMax Inc. as the source of the security breach, according to Leominster Det. Scott Wolferseder.

"What store is it that everyone seems to be frequenting?" Wolferseder said Thursday, referring to victims' account histories and filed reports. "Yes, everyone seems to have gone to the OfficeMax."

The security breach did not happen within OfficeMax's Leominster location, but rather in a central electronic database containing personal account information monitored by the company, Wolferseder said.

OfficeMax's director of marketing, William Bonner, did not return messages left with the company Thursday, but in a report Wednesday by The Associated Press, Bonner denied reports that OfficeMax is also the source of a security breach that forced Citibank to cancel debit cards following fraudulent transactions in Britain, Canada and Russia.....for more of the story