Remittance relief on horizon for healthcare facilities

Remittance relief on horizon for healthcare facilities

At hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities, maintaining a secure, efficient program for remittance is a challenging task. Solutions in this sector need to meet the needs of patients, insurance companies and the medical centers, with each constituent requiring different standards and forms of payment. Recently, BancTec announced plans to unveil a new payment processing solution that can alleviate the concerns faced in current remittance systems and make the process easier for insurance companies, patients and healthcare facilities.

BancTec will show its new solution at the 2011 HIMSS Annual Conference, where audiences will get a clear image of the payment processing solution. The new Healthcare Remittance Automation program uses a variety of advanced technologies for payment processing and document management to ensure secure, fast, convenient and efficient remittance.

"BancTec's Healthcare Remittance Automation service was designed based on discussions with hospitals, physician networks and banks nationwide. With this offering, BancTec applies our large-scale BPO experience and payment processing expertise to address the most frustrating remittance challenges that healthcare providers face," said Chuck Corbin, vice president of healthcare industry solutions for BancTec.

By using BancTec's solution, healthcare facilities are able to leverage a number of advanced payment processing technologies. Among those technologies are optical character recognition, intelligent character recognition, rules engines and software that can turn paper and electronic documents into standard electronic files in real-time. All of these systems combine to foster automation within the entire remittance process.

All of these technological abilities are linked to a secure web portal, giving healthcare facilities the ability to connect the remittance system to patient files so data can be updated automatically. As a result, medical facilities can quickly analyze any issues that arise within the remittance process, and follow up with patients and insurance providers quickly to resolve problems.

Advanced payment processing solutions are spreading to a diverse range of settings. Recently, Carolina West Wireless, a regional wireless internet carrier, adopted an expedited bill payment processing solution from TIO Networks to enhance its ability to handle customer payments in real-time. Through the new solution, CWW will be able to process customer payments quickly, while TIO Networks stores pertinent data and records, creating transaction reports that make payment management easier for the company. Clayton Stewart, CEO for CWW, said the new payment processing solution provides an innovative system that customers and retail locations can leverage to make expedited payments.