Stored Value Ticketing Solution...Meets Social Ticketing and Attendee Relationship Management

With New Stored Value Ticketing Technologies from Event Innovation, Venue Managers and Event Promoters Can Introduce Their Attendees to a State of the Art Membership System and Increase Revenues by up to 40%

WASHINGTON, Jan 23, 2009 ( -- Today Event Innovation announced the development of a stored value solution for stadiums, arenas and performing arts centers.
By combining stored value member card technologies, integration with existing point of sale and ticketing solutions, and a social ticketing network with a robust customer relationship management system, event attendees can enjoy all the benefits of cashless purchasing without any of its challenges and venue managers and event promoters can build long term relationships with their customers.
"Many of the stored value solutions provided to live entertainment venues are limited in their capabilities and flexibility," said Ron Dinwiddie, COO of Event Innovation Inc. "The industry is looking for a more robust solution that provides attendees with greater flexibility and allows venue managers, team owners, and event promoters to build long term relationships. Providing a stored value solution that is tied to a reloadable member card account, social ticketing network and customer relationship management system creates a full solutions platform that enhances the event experience."
When a member attends an event, he/she simply presents their Ovation member card to enter the event, and purchase concessions or merchandise at any participating vendor within the venue. The members account is debited through the transaction process and the vendor can provide a receipt of the transaction to the attendee. Through the use of a stored value member card system, throughput for attendee purchases is nearly doubled, reducing the time attendees have to wait in line and increasing the amount of purchases that are made. Shorter lines and quicker purchases allow attendees to enjoy more of the experience provided by the venue.
In fact, domestic and international implementations show that attendees that use a stored value system typically spend between 18-40% more when at an event. The entire process is quick, secure and user-friendly and done within a closed network.
Venues and vendors can now provide enhanced benefits and incentives without any of the challenges of traditional purchasing processes.
Increase the average purchase per cap per attendee Decrease the wait time for purchasing merchandise or concessions Obtain greater information on purchasing patterns Track customer loyalty for all attendees Promote special offers and incentives directly to attendees
"We are excited to be providing stored value and social ticketing technologies to performing arts centers, major and minor league sports, racing events, theaters, collegiate sports and others," said Stephen Gilfus, CEO of Event Innovation Inc. "By integrating with a customer relationship management system or what we call an 'Attendee Relationship Management System,' our clients can not only obtain valuable data about their customers but they can use email marketing and campaign management technologies to build greater relationships."
Venue Managers and Event Promoters implement InForum into their current event ecosystem, then launch their events into the Ovation member network by providing attendees with a card membership program and social network. Attendees can then use the member card for paperless ticketing entrance into the event and for purchasing concessions and merchandise.
Event Innovation does not sell or transact tickets. The company partners with ticketing software companies to provide an extension to their current capabilities. Potential ticketing software partners should contact our corporate headquarters for more information.
Event Innovation is a leading provider of software applications and related services to the sports, performing arts and entertainment industries; by connecting entertainment venues to attendees, and enabling new communication capabilities that can enhance event experiences. Event Innovation is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices throughout the US, Europe, and Australia.
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SOURCE: Event Innovation Inc.

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