Titan Global Holdings Announces Release of Strategic Update to Shareholders

Company Identifies Strategic Opportunities to Accelerate Growth at Recently Launched Xnergy Corporation and Planet Direct Inc.

RICHARDSON, Texas--(www.AllPayNews.com)--Titan Global Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets:TTGL), a high growth diversified holding company, today defined the Company’s corporate strategic vision and initiatives for the remainder of fiscal year 2008 and beyond. The announcement was made by Chairman of the Board David Marks and President & Chief Executive Officer Bryan Chance.

Titan currently owns and operates high growth platform companies that compete in the dynamic sectors of energy, communications, consumer products, advanced manufacturing technologies and homeland security. The Company’s corporate strategic vision and initiatives address significant dollar market opportunities in each of these dynamic sectors.

Recently, Titan announced a corporate restructuring following the discovery of fraud at Oblio Telecom, Inc. (“Oblio”), a business unit of its Communications Division. Oblio commenced fraud litigation against a number of parties, including a former employee at Oblio. The litigation is pending in various jurisdictions around the United States. Titan has made various claims to its insurance carriers on these matters. Oblio complained to criminal authorities, and to Oblio’s knowledge the matter is being investigated.

“We have boldly confronted the problems at Oblio. We will aggressively manage our prepaid businesses in the future to avoid a repeat of these events. Our senior management, Board of Directors and strategic equity partners undertook a rigorous top to bottom examination of each Titan operating division,” said Mr. Marks. “Following these evaluations, we have initiated plans to either grow each division or seek other alternatives such as a sale or disposition of certain units. As a result of our fundamental reassessment, Titan is again poised to resume its momentum through organic and strategic revenue and earnings growth.”

The following highlights the strategic vision and initiatives for each of Titan’s operating divisions:

Strategic Vision for Titan Global Energy Group

To create a vibrant vertically integrated national energy company that is focused on the production and distribution of environmentally friendly and sustainable sources of renewable fuels, along with traditional hydrocarbons, from its distribution network based in the Southeastern United States. The Company intends to acquire additional locations and assets for the retail and wholesale distribution of biofuels and hydrocarbons across the United States for such products.

Strategic Vision for Titan Communications Division

To support and serve the communication needs of first and second generation Americans, our longstanding and core customer base, and their friends and family that like them, left the country of their birth but emigrated to countries other than the United States. Through a combination of owned and independent but affiliated companies, Titan will maintain a presence in cutting edge communication technology, international wholesale communication, and the worldwide distribution of prepaid international phone cards.

Strategic Vision for Titan Consumer Products Division

To design, develop, and distribute consumer products, from value to high end branded categories, through its existing distribution channels and new ones suitable for such products. In general, Titan seeks established brand partners through a variety of licensing and manufacturing agreements.

Strategic Vision for Titan Electronics and Homeland Security Division

To upgrade our capital equipment and technology to manufacture the most sophisticated electronic products while we reduce our domestic manufacturing capacity consistent with our projected domestic market demand and expand our strategic partnerships with large and reliable Asian electronic companies. The Company intends to provide customers with a seamless transition in the electronics lifecycle from the prototype phase to full scale production.

Strategic Vision for Titan Card Services Division

To capitalize on the burgeoning multibillion-dollar international prepaid money transfer sector. Titan Card Services intends to exploit its proprietary technology, which provides for convenient and efficient international money transfers.

CEO’s Comments on Titan’s Strategic Vision

“We thank our long term shareholders for their support during our recent troubles at Oblio. We believe that together our senior team has developed a strategic blue print to restore shareholder value,” said Mr. Chance. “With our two largest operating subsidiaries in the dynamic energy and communications sectors, we have many opportunities to grow rapidly and soundly. We are very excited to again pursue an aggressive growth strategy.”

Titan Global Energy Group Initiatives to Fulfill Stated Vision

Energy Strategic Initiative 1 -Complete integration of Appalachian Oil Company.

We consummated our acquisition of Appalachian Oil Company (“Appco”) in September 2007. Appco, a leading petroleum distribution company in the Southeastern United States, generated over $192 million in revenues in our first two quarters of fiscal year 2008. Appco operates 55 retail locations and distributes petroleum to over 170 dealer and commercial accounts in the Southeast.

Energy Strategic Initiative 2 -Increase integration of biofuel products that will enhance profitability and environmental responsibility in the markets we serve.

Appco has increased biofuel throughput in fiscal year 2008 and secured increased volumes of ethanol for retail use and commercial distribution. During the second quarter of fiscal year 2008, Appco and the State of Tennessee undertook a private-public partnership to lead the region in Tennessee in biofuel retail penetration as it opened its first commercial E85 location. The first location under this plan is already averaging over 8,000 gallons per month of E85 usage, which is more than double the national average for E85 in retail locations. Appco plans to open 5 more E85 retail locations in fiscal year 2008.

Energy Strategic Initiative 3 -Vertical integration of biodiesel products through direct ownership and production of such products and procurement of the feedstock to sustain such production.

Titan is in advanced discussions with third parties regarding the acquisition of equipment necessary to manufacture biodiesel products. Appco plans to begin producing biodiesel in the fourth quarter of 2008 for its owned fuel distribution fleet. Subsequently, Appco plans to produce and distribute such products to retail and wholesale customers as well. Finally, Titan is in advanced discussions with a technology company that genetically engineered certain plants and trees to produce high yield biomass for ethanol and biodiesel production without impacting or competing with human feedstock.

Energy Strategic Initiative 4 -Pursue additional points of distribution through organic growth or strategic acquisitions.

Titan achieved economies of scale and central services administrative infrastructure through its acquisition of Appco in the first quarter of fiscal year 2008. Its existing administrative infrastructure can support a significantly larger revenue base of operations with only modest increases in administrative costs. Thus, Titan is in active discussions with a number of substantially similar businesses to that of Appco in markets wherein Appco currently has operations or in contiguous markets so that it can significantly grow its revenues and distribution footprint. Titan Global Energy Group will continue to pursue opportunities to add leased and owned convenience stations, along with terminal assets, through synergistic acquisitions and organic development which will leverage its scale and expertise.

Energy Strategic Initiative 5 –Titan has announced its intention to re-name its energy group to Xnergy Corporation.

Titan intends to rename its energy group Xnergy Corporation. The Xnergy trademark reflects Titan’s broader focus and direction in energy distribution opportunities as well as advanced development opportunities of biofuels and other renewable alternative energy sources. Xnergy will lead our markets in distribution of traditional petroleum products and will leverage our traditional channels to design, develop and distribute environmentally friendly biofuels, including those made by Xnergy’s affiliated units.

Xnergy will maintain and market our valuable “Appco” brand in our retail and wholesale distribution markets in the Southeastern United States. Appco’s brand has represented value priced petroleum products to its customers for over 87 years and we intend to continue to build on its rich history with biofuels and other renewable energy products.

Communications Initiatives to Fulfill Stated Vision

Communications Strategic Initiative 1 -Create new entity and identity to meet the connectivity needs of first and second generation Americans.

We historically provided prepaid international long distance services through strategic relationships with domestic tier one communications and through our own network operations to first and second generation Americans. As reported, Oblio experienced extraordinary events and suspended its communications operations in the second quarter of fiscal year 2008. Oblio is aggressively pursuing the collections of accounts receivables owed it along with seeking the recovery of the damages it suffered from the events and the responsible parties.

Titan completed the formation of Planet Direct, Inc. (“Planet Direct”) during the second quarter of fiscal year 2008 to execute upon its reformulated go forward plan. Planet Direct is building efficient connectivity to bring friends, family and businesses throughout the world together. Planet Direct will leverage numerous distribution channels to provide prepaid international connectivity to global citizens.

Communications Strategic Initiative 2 -Complete strategic partnerships with foreign international incumbent carriers in targeted high-traffic destinations.

Titan is in advanced negotiations to establish direct relationships with foreign incumbent telecommunications providers throughout the world to ensure our ability to deliver our customers efficient and quality communications to reach friends, family, and businesses around the world. Through these direct relationships, we and our foreign telecommunication partners will develop compelling products and services to offer first and second generation Americans who constitute their nation’s expatriates. In so doing, Planet Direct will expand its distribution reach from North America to worldwide destinations as it will have prepaid products suitable, for example, to India nationals whether they reside in the United States or Great Britain. Planet Direct will support the distribution of its products in distant markets through the procurement of direct distribution agents in such countries and an expanded and robust e-commerce solution to facilitate the ability of such expatriates to buy Planet Direct products online regardless of their host country.

Communications Strategic Initiative 3 -Identify and secure other opportunities to vertically integrate other revenue streams.

We will pursue other opportunities to leverage international relationships and business combinations to creative new revenue and earnings streams. The focus of this effort will be the development of international wholesale telecommunication between markets wherein Titan has attractive rates through agreements with foreign telecommunications providers. In the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008, Titan expects to either form or invest into a separate unit focused on this business model.

Communications Strategic Initiative 4 -Acquire and expand cutting edge communication technology, including but not limited to prepaid platform management, communication infrastructure management, and international wholesale communications.

Titan is in advance stage discussions to acquire a dynamic technology company that fulfills this initiative. This company developed and owns proprietary technology for the management of prepaid platforms as well as network load balancing and management.

Consumer Products Initiatives to Fulfill Stated Vision

Consumer Products Strategic Initiative 1 -Integrate acquisition of Assets of Global Brand Marketing, Inc.

Titan Apparel Inc. (“TA”) completed the acquisition of the assets of Global Brand Marketing, Inc. (“GBMI”) in December 2007. In connection with the acquisition, Titan retained GBMI’s senior management team led by Killick Data, whose experience and creativity is respected worldwide throughout the footwear industry.

TA operates its successful and upscale footwear boutique retail presence in the Southern California and Las Vegas markets under the trademark “Global Feet.” TA intends to “rebrand” the TA unit as Global Feet Inc. This name change is intended to capitalize on the brand equity generated from its retail operations and to better describe its vision and focus.

Global Feet, located in Santa Barbara, CA, licenses the popular brands Dry-shod, No Mass, Mehandi and Funflopps. Additionally, Global Feet has been the global licensee for well-known brands Nautica, Sean John and 7ForAllMankind. Global Feet, and its predecessor, sold its footwear products in 130 countries worldwide in addition to its owned retail operations in the United States.

Consumer Products Strategic Initiative 2 –Develop the American Value Brands

Titan owns 80% of USA Detergents, Inc. (“USAD”). USAD converted to Chapter 11 earlier this year. Titan has formed American Value Brands, Inc. to acquire the assets of USAD out of bankruptcy. Subject to court approval, Titan expects to conclude its purchase of the USAD assets in June, 2008. American Value Brands is focused the legacy businesses of USAD along with a new strategy to rapidly expand the distribution of its products across the United States.

Consumer Products Strategic Initiative 3 -Create new publicly traded consumer products company.

During the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008, Titan will seek to separate Global Feet in order to create an independent publicly traded company to capitalize on the brand extensions and licensing opportunities developed by management. Titan will maintain a majority of the stock outstanding in the newly formed or reorganized public company.

Consumer Products Strategic Initiative 4 -Develop new brands and extend product line of existing brands.

We will pursue additional licensing agreements and venture relationships with known brands to extend our consumer products, including footwear product offerings. Furthermore, we will continue to extend our own brands offering more creative consumer and footwear products to our customers.

Electronics Initiatives to Fulfill Stated Vision

Electronics Strategic Initiative 1 -Align domestic manufacturing capacity with market demand.

We currently operate facilities in California, Massachusetts and Vermont that manufacture time sensitive, high quality printed circuit boards and assembled printed circuit boards. We continue to evaluate our capacity as compared to market demand for our products. As a result of this evaluation, we will seek opportunities to reduce our operating capacity through a sale or liquidation of one of our plants. As a result, we will strengthen operations in our remaining facilities and increase the throughput or speed to market of our products enhancing our customer experience and financial performance. We expect to complete the “right-sizing” of our electronics and homeland security division by the close of our fiscal year 2008.

Electronics Strategic Initiative 2 -Add capital equipment to expand production capabilities.

We plan to add new capital equipment and technology to increase the throughput of advanced technology products for our customers. These enhancements will enable us to shorten manufacturing lead times, make more complex products, and, in turn, giving us more competitive advantages in the highly profitable quick turn market.

Electronics Strategic Initiative 3 -Focus efforts with Asian manufacturing partners to expand offerings to customers.

We will create a new entity and a renewed focus to partner with Asian manufacturers to provide a full range of products and services to our domestic marketplace. We believe these expanded strategic partnerships with Asian companies coupled with enhanced domestic capabilities will position our electronics division for unprecedented success.

Card Services Initiatives to Fulfill Stated Vision

Card Services Strategic Initiative 1 – Financial Partners

To capitalize on the burgeoning multibillion-dollar international prepaid money transfer sector, Titan needs to partner with the right financial platform and institutions. In this regard, Titan is negotiating with parties to fulfill its needs.

Card Services Strategic Initiative 2 – International Distribution

Leveraging the focus of Titan Communications on foreign telecommunications companies, Titan Card Services will seek reciprocal agreements with these companies to accelerate their distribution and acceptance in foreign countries.


“I appreciate the continued support of our shareholders and stakeholders during this difficult period in Titan’s history,” said Mr. Chance. “During the last six months, we have reexamined our strategic intent for each division and taken action to ensure that we build a better company. As a result, I believe Titan is positioned for future growth and success as we aggressively move forward.”

About Titan Global Holdings

Titan Global Holdings is a diversified holding company with a dynamic portfolio of subsidiaries spanning international telecommunications, electronics and homeland security, consumer products and energy resources and distribution.

Titan's operating divisions include the following:

The Titan Global Energy Division owns and operates traditional and next-generation renewable energy and fuel assets that can provide significant opportunities for growth in one of the world's largest and most critical markets.

Titan's Communications Division serves the communication needs of those individuals that have emigrated from their host country to the United States or other countries and plans to addresses a range of high-growth markets in the international telecommunication segments, including communication technology, platform management, international wholesale communication and the distribution of prepaid international telecommunication products.

Titan Global Brands designs, develops, and distributes consumer products from value categories to high end branded categories, through its existing distribution channels and new ones suitable for such products. Together, it integrates, protects and expands its consumer brand management capabilities to leverage and optimize growth across Titan's worldwide distribution channels.

Titan Card Services plans to capitalize on the burgeoning multibillion-dollar international prepaid money transfer sector. Titan Card Services' proprietary technology provides for convenient and efficient international money transfers.

Titan's Electronics and Homeland Security Division includes Titan PCB East, Inc., Titan Electronics Inc., and NEO EMS, Inc. These companies specialize in the manufacture of advanced circuit boards and other electronic products for classified military and defense department customers, and other high-tech clients.

For more information, please visit: www.titanglobalholdings.com.

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