Visa to dump 20-year-old slogan

Visa USA Inc. is dumping its 20-year-old slogan, "Visa: It's Everywhere You Want to Be," in an effort to get consumers to think of it as more than just a credit-card company.

The new motto is to be unveiled Feb. 10 during the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy, Michael Rolnick, Visa USA's director of corporate relations, said in an interview. He declined to say what it will be.

Visa is making the switch, in part, because its debit-card business is growing faster than credit cards. Customers bought $467 billion worth of goods and services with debit cards last year, up from $20 billion in 1995.

Visa is also promoting new technology that allows users to swipe cards for payment without having to sign for the purchase.